Villa Pascal Theatre Technical Rider

This intimate 60 seater venue is fully equipped with top quality sound, piano and a very experienced resident sound engineer /stage manager with over 30 years of experience. We provide a plug and play environment for musicians and entertainers as well as technical support at  presentations, seminars, conferences, small functions,  corporate events and recording projects.


Villa Pascal is often complimented for its excellent sound quality. 


By cleverly combining venue acoustics with modern sound technology, the ceilings were removed to expose the roof trusses thereby creating depth and natural reverb. Special sound proofing panels were installed in between the trusses. We have a beautiful selection of Persian carpets and curtains in the venue to further absorb any wayward sound that can cause audio feedback, thereby creating a very cozy lounge and studio atmosphere.


The overall sound system was customized by installing a Yamaha analog mixing desk complimented by Behringer speakers. This combination creates crystal clear surround sound, audible from every angle in the theatre.


STAGE:  4 m long x 1.2 wide x 20 cm high


PIANO: an upright piano with chair.

Please note: The Piano cannot be moved and nothing can be placed on top of it.  At Villa Pascal we regularly tune the piano 2 x times a year,  but if you would like the piano to be tuned for your performance or concert the cost thereof will be R 950 and you will need to inform Villa Pascal Management 14 days prior to the performance or concert.

1 x FOH mixer -Yahama EMX 5000   12 x channel analog powered mixer: 8 x xlr/jack inputs, 2 x stereo channels, 3 x band channel equalizer, 2 x aux sends, 9 x band onboard graphic equalizer, 2 x onboard SPX digital multi effect processors with tap delay, phantom power

2 x 15" Behringer 800 w speakers (left and right)
1 x Yamaha Cd player
5 x standard Shure Sm 58 microphones (corded)
1 x Behringer Di- box (2 x jack-jack inputs= 2 x balanced outputs)
1 x laney powered monitor speaker
1 x RCA to stereo mini jack cable for laptops or mp3 players.

12 / 4 x channel sound snake 
Mic stands and cables


Note to Musicians

Musicians  to provide all their own personal microphones, musical instruments, cables, amplifiers, stands, pedals, backline equipment, etc.  All extra equipment can be arranged for own account.  Contact Eugene +2782 569 4147


Equipment Available at Villa Pascal
Villa Pascal Recording Studio
This acoustic venue is ideal for live recordings and we have done several live albums and DVD recordings. At Villa Pascal studio we do voice-overs, demo recordings, backing tracks, LPs and audio tapes transfers onto cd and general audio work. We offer affordable rates.
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unsurpassed service excellence
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